Mill Hill near Barton in Fabis
Mill Hill near Barton in Fabis
Mill Hill near Barton in Fabis

A fresh approach



The Trent Valley has been an important source of sand and gravel for generations, providing essential materials for building across the region. The site at Mill Hill, near Barton in Fabis, has long been seen as a potential future source of local sand and gravel for Nottingham and the surrounding area.

Because of this the site is included as a possible location for a new quarry in Nottinghamshire’s Minerals Local Plan which sets out how much new mineral the county is likely to need, where it will come from and how quarry proposals will be assessed.

Following local consultation, our planning application(s) for Mill Hill was submitted in February 2024. Details of the application can be viewed on the planning portal for Nottinghamshire County Council (Ref ES/4621) and Nottingham City Council (Ref 24/00242/PMFUL3).

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Key Facts

Sand and gravel are essential for building homes, amenities and infrastructure
Sourcing aggregates close to Nottingham minimises overall delivery miles
Smaller extractive area in this application compared to previous proposals
Shorter timespan of up to 12.5 years with long-term commitment to aftercare
Greater distance of 250m between proposed working area and nearest homes
Air quality will be managed through numerous on-site control measures
Creates 16 jobs directly, more indirectly and contributes to the local economy
Safe public access throughout with 7km of new permissive routes
Key ecological areas protected and actively managed to support wildlife
Areas of ancient woodland would be untouched and regularly monitored
Substantial biodiversity net gain and social net gain through restoration
Landscape improvements with better connections to the surrounding area
Aftercare to complement former quarries at Attenborough and elsewhere
Progressive quarrying and restoration means working area is minimised


A previous quarry proposal at Mill Hill – led by a different developer and different team of consultants – had already been the subject of a long-running planning application when Land Logical became involved. After examining the previous proposal, along with the accompanying environmental statement, we felt that a more appropriate proposal could be developed including long-term landscape improvements for the benefit of people and wildlife alike. We therefore had the previous application withdrawn in March 2022.

A Fresh Approach

Land Logical engaged an entirely new team to work on a more appropriate scheme, aligned with our company philosophy of environmental care and sustainability, including carrying out detailed environmental assessments from scratch. We appreciate that a number of concerns were raised about the previous plans and we have sought to address those concerns, recognising the importance of this site as a crucial resource for sand and gravel.

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About this website

This website forms part of our wider consultation with those who live and work nearby, to explain the facts, allay concerns and address any questions.  Here we outline our proposed approach to working at the site, along with the extensive range of environmental measures and mitigations we would put in place before, during and after quarrying. We welcome comments and questions at any time via our contact us page.

About Land Logical

Land Logical are fast becoming a leading independent specialist for sustainable materials. Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team is passionate about helping make Britain greener, cleaner and more sustainable. For further details follow the link below.

Land Logical are also a member of our industry’s trade body, the Mineral Products Association (MPA), and we are bound by the MPA Charter to operate in accordance with the highest standards in  health and safety, responsible operation, environmental protection and quarry restoration.

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